Download Windows Internet Explorer 9

The newest version of Microsoft’s web browser, Windows
Internet Explorer 9, is now available to download for free.

Internet Explorer 9 includes several new features that help
protect your computer from viruses and help protect you from fraud when you
browse the web.

Download Internet Explorer 9.

One of our favorite new features of Internet Explorer is Tracking Protection. Tracking Protection lets you limit
the way that websites track your activity as you browse the web.  Internet Explorer creates a personalized
Tracking Protection List for you. You can customize it or download a new
Tracking Protection List.

For more information, see Discover
Internet Explorer 9






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  1. Anonymous

    Is Internet Explorer 9 for Windows XP also?  If not, when it will be

    Thank you

  2. Anonymous

    I downloaded this explorer 9  for my windowsxp  now while on (facebook playing Farmville) I can no longer send gifts   why is that  i click the share and nothing.. please help..

    using XP   and I have my pop up blocker turned off so that the gifts will work like before I downloaded this new explorer 9  but  I dont know what else to check..

  3. Anonymous

    I installed explorer 9 yesterday and ever since my computer freezes up and is much slower! not happy and wish I could go back:(

  4. Anonymous

    Ever since i downloaded internet explorer9 i can't seem to find the pop up blocker button, file button. where on earth are they at. the other version i had was easier to find things.

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