How to uninstall Microsoft Security Essentials

We’ve received some email from blog readers who want to
uninstall Microsoft’s no-cost antivirus and antispyware software (
Microsoft Security Essentials).

If you’ve had trouble removing the program, see How to manually uninstall Microsoft Security Essentials if you cannot
uninstall it by using the “Add or Remove Programs” feature

Fix it for me

To fix this problem automatically, click the Fix
this problem
 link. Then click Run in the File
 dialog box, and follow the steps in the wizard.

Fix this problem 



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  1. Anonymous

    i have a window named windows troublemaker agent that has my PC totally frozen up except for that window and it will not let me get to any other page except for windows purchase page to buy an update version for $79.95. I have no idea where this program came from or what it is,i don't want it at all so how can i get rid of it. I can't even get to any of my tools selections to try to get rid of it.Please help.

  2. Anonymous

    i removed MSE ok. BUT MS CLIENT pops up o start up error 0x8007064e.& i can not get on lone unless i restart HELP i am not a pro. i might have to bring in in for repair thank to windows


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