Is the online world more dangerous than the real world?

Earlier this week we told you about the
myth that most identity theft occurs online
. Today’s myth is about online

Myth: Making
purchases on the Internet is risky.

Fact: Most security
experts agree that the risk of fraud is greater with offline purchases.

To shop more safely online with Internet Explorer:

  • Look for
    s” stands for secure) in the Web
    address and a closed padlock beside it or in the lower right corner of the browser
  • Create
    strong passwords
    for all online accounts, particularly those used for
    banking or shopping.

  • Consider the reputation of the company or
    website from which you buy.

  • Never make online financial transactions on a
    public or shared computer, or on a public wireless network.

Download a brochure with more myths and facts:

How Dangerous is the Online
World?: Myth vs. Fact

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