Safer surfing with SmartScreen

The SmartScreen
is a feature in Internet Explorer 8 that helps detect fraudulent websites
that might install malicious software onto your computer or try to trick you
into turning over personal information.

What does is mean when a website is blocked and flagged in red as a reported unsafe website?

A website flagged as unsafe is one that’s been confirmed by
reputable sources as fraudulent or linking to malicious software and has been
reported to Microsoft. Microsoft recommends you do not give any information to or
download anything from a website that SmartScreen Filter reports as unsafe.

How do I report a phishing websites?

Follow these steps to report a phishing website:

  1. Go to
    the phishing website in Internet Explorer 8.
  2. Click
    Safety button (or the shield icon), point to SmartScreen
    , and then click Report This Website.
  3. Use the webpage that is displayed to
    report the website.

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