Operation b49: Microsoft takes on the bots

Botnets are networks
of compromised computers that are controlled remotely and secretly by one or
more cybercriminals.  If your computer is infected with a botnet it
can perform automated tasks over the Internet without your knowledge. These
tasks often include sending out large numbers of spam messages to people in
your contact list.

Microsoft is committed to fighting botnets
through technological advances, guidance, and legal efforts.  In February of this year Microsoft helped
take down the Waledac botnet in an effort known internally as “Operation b49.”

Judge to award
domains to Microsoft

Last week the District Court of Eastern Virginia granted
default judgment in favor of Microsoft, awarding the 276 domains once used by
the Waledac “bot-herders” to Microsoft to help ensure those domains are never
used for cybercrime again.

This victory for
Microsoft could change the way industry and governments around the world fight botnets.

The cleanup effort

Microsoft is now
in phase 2 of Operation b49, which includes cleanup and resolution. It’s still
very early in the cleanup process, but the goal is to help people clean up as
many infected computers as possible.

To support the
botnet cleanup effort, Microsoft launched a special page devoted to helping you
clean out your computer if you think it’s been infected by a botnet.

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