Black Hat 2010: Crypto Agility

Hi everyone, Bryan here. If you’re at Black Hat this week, I’ll be giving a talk Thursday afternoon on the topic of cryptographic agility – the ability for applications to change which cryptographic algorithms or implementations they use without having to make changes to the source code. Cryptographically agile applications can more easily comply with various countries’ myriad cryptography requirements such as FIPS 140, and in many cases they can also outperform applications with hardcoded algorithms. Best of all, when some hotshot cryptographer breaks an algorithm, the agile application will be able to swap out to a more secure alternative in minutes rather than weeks or months.

Check out the Black Hat website for more information on my talk, “Cryptographic Agility: Defending Against the Sneakers Scenario,” on Thursday, July 29, 4:45 PM in the Roman Ballroom at Caesar’s Palace.

Hope to see you there!