Hotmail hacked? Take these steps

We received this question in response to our
about Microsoft’s new Internet
Fraud Alert

I am a
victim of an online ID theft fraud (my Hotmail account has been hacked). What
can I do? What agency can I report this crime to for further investigation?

If you believe that your Hotmail mail account has been
compromised, but you still have access to your account, you should:

  • Change your password. (On the Windows Live
    Hotmail Web site sign-in page, click
    Forgot your password?)

  • Update and change the secret question and answer
    used to recover your password.

  • Update and change the alternative email address
    that you use on your account.

For more information, see Account
Compromise: Unauthorized Account Access

If you no longer have access to your account to change your
password or update your account, you can get help from a support agent. You
will need to supply a current email address and be able to answer questions
about information that you have already provided when you signed up for your
account. For more information, see
Account Password Recovery.

Note: The agent will only help you if you’ve already tried
the methods described above.

If you think that personal information from your Hotmail
account has been used to commit ID theft, you can contact the following

  • Your credit card company, if you
    have given your credit card information. The sooner an organization knows
    your account may have been compromised, the easier it will be for them to
    help protect you.
  • The Federal Trade Commission (In the
    United States)
    . Report the circumstances to the FTC: National
    Resource for Identity Theft
  • The Anti-Phishing Working Group at


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  1. Anonymous

    Someone or some company is sending out emails using my email address.  What should I do?

  2. Anonymous

    my emails been hacked.. its very scarey

  3. Anonymous

    Hackers email is listed when I go to the change password function.

  4. Anonymous

    I was highjacked into msn.  I want to go back to comcast as my page.

  5. Anonymous

    My hotmail account was hacked and my in box spammed.  I escalated the claim and had a link sent to my work e-mail

  6. Anonymous

    My hotmail account was hacked and my in box spammed.  I escalated the claim and had a link sent to my work e-mail while I was out sick.  I need an msn site to get my pass word reactivated

  7. Anonymous


    my account was blocked from 10 days and i don't know why. how to resolve this problem? i tried the security code and the secret question but no solution.

  8. Anonymous




  9. Anonymous

    I too am a victim of someone hacking into my msn and hotmail email accounts and sending emails to all of my address book.  when i tried to contact msn to change to password they are asking form my credit card number.  how do i know that this is not the hacking trying to gain access to my credit card info.  Is there any phone number I can call at msn to correct this…

  10. Anonymous

    My hotmail was blocked since March 10, 2011 and despite my repeated appeals to hotmail support I have not had any response.  Please help to recover my hotmail account

  11. Anonymous

    my hotmail account was hacked, & then it wouldnt allow me to log into my other hotmail account (i have 2 emails) what do i do???

  12. Anonymous

    some one blocked my hotmail can u help pl.

  13. Anonymous

    someone blocked my email.any help please

  14. Anonymous

    my hotmail is hacked but i dont know who did this, this is third time hacked i inform the toronto police please let me know i need help who did this

  15. Anonymous

    My hotmail password has been hacked and the hacker has been asking money to all my hotmail contacts telling them that I have been in the foreign country and have been robbed off everything. two friends 0f mine have been chested of US4800/, so one has be careful to inform your friends through public forum like the facebook. I recommend everybody to have face book accounts so that in-case your Pw is hacked you can still inform your friends and save your friends from cheatings and harrassment.

  16. Anonymous

    my account has been hacked and i need to report theft on it can someone please help


  17. Anonymous

    my hotmail acct is hacked and the hacker is sending emails as if from me asking for money like i am in trouble please help immediately   i have tried all the hotmail links etc

  18. Anonymous

    I think its poor service microsoft – you say its a free service so what should we expect. Well how about we all leave and then your advertisers wont give you money.

    You dont provide help with this and I have only ever seen hotmails hacked so your security has flaws that google nor yahoo seem to have.

    At least provide more help to the rightful owner of the email address and stop saying its a free account what do you expect.

  19. Anonymous

    My email has been hacked into and the hacker is asking for money this email has been sent to all my contacts and they in return have asked me what the problem was, lettig me know of what was going on.  I need to get help from MSN but of course they only want us to go online there customer service does not provide information to free msn accounts.  Is there someone i can call for help, please let me know I am desperate.

  20. Anonymous

    My hotmail account was hacked on 6th June 2011 and there is a mail saying I am in foreign country and needs money .. The mail have many my personal information, like where I am studying and my birth year. What should I do for it ?? I had changed the password, but it seems is not working well and I lost all my mails in 5 minutes.

  21. Anonymous

    Something needs to be done about the Chinese hackers. They continue to use my email address to send out spam. I was closed out of my hotmail account in May like everyone else, but was able to get it back. I continue to check where exactly this hacker is, and it always comes back as Nanyang, China with the IP address of Can't microsoft do something about this IP address. Can we block certain IP addresses?

  22. Anonymous

    pls I failed to unblock my account

    this account has been blocked for while.  I WANT IT BACK. IT IS MINE.

  23. Anonymous

    when ever i put my pw they says its blocked.but my friend and familys say i seem online to them kindly help me

  24. Anonymous

    IL havea viris the is sendingbad messsages to all my contacts . I need help now not laterbut now if you are unable to fisx this probhlem let mse know soonest

  25. Anonymous

    Ugh, mine was hacked. It send out all these messages with stuff like "h35fgyrt7" as the subject then a link in the email -which i WON'T click. Grr  ><

  26. Anonymous

    My hotmail account has been hacked and i know the email address of the hacker,

    Reckon hotmail and microsoft have serious issues. Same deal, everyone in my address book sent an email saying id been robbed abroad and that i needed 1200 pounds to get home but any amount would help. Come on microsoft, ive had me face book hacked too, get a fkn grip and catch these guys.

  27. Anonymous

    It seems the system is not taking this seriously enough,  There is no real contact number and you just keep going in circles with no response.

  28. Anonymous

    Someone hacked my hotmail id where i have to report this?

    Ashok Thomas

  29. Anonymous

    I go through your password recovery page, yet never get a new password sent to the other account.  I'm in a seemingly endless loop.  It appears that either nobody's minding the Hotmail store, or the hackers have changed the basic info on the account so that I can't get back in to boot them.  

    The account has been compromised and apparently closed to new mail for over a month now.  When I follow the link to customer service, I end up back at the dang form asking for my account details again.  it's just around and around in circles.  Help us out here!

  30. Anonymous

    i am very disappointed. have lost my inbox to a hacker and it seems no one can help me recover my important info.

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