Use Microsoft Fix it to update Windows XP

Microsoft is aware of a
that affects only Windows
XP and Windows Server 2003. If you use Windows 2000, Windows Vista, or Windows
7, you are not affected.

If your
computer is running Windows XP, visit this
Microsoft Fix it page to fix this problem automatically.

Don’t know what version you’re
If you’re
not using Windows XP, the Fix it page will display a message like the one below
and that means that you don’t need the update.

What is Microsoft Fix it? Microsoft Fix it is an online solution center designed to help you
automatically diagnose and fix common computer problems.

How widespread is this problem?
There have been limited reports that cybercriminals have exploited this
vulnerability, but all of these exploits have since been taken down and we are
not currently aware of anyone attempting to attack this issue. However, now
that the vulnerability has been made public, we do anticipate that others might
try to take advantage of it.

Where can I get more
For the most current information about this security advisory,
follow the
Microsoft Security
Response Center (MSRC) blog
and Microsoft
Security Response on Twitter

For basic information on how to help protect your computer,
4 steps to protect
your computer



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