Don’t fall for phony phone tech support

Here’s another form of Internet fraud that combines a variety of other common scams-social engineering, fake security software, and phishing.

Cybercriminals have started calling people on the telephone, claiming to be from Microsoft, and offering to help solve their computer problems. Once cybercriminals have gained a victim’s trust, they can do one or more of the following:

  • Trick people into installing malicious software on their computer.
  • Take control of a victim’s computer remotely and adjust settings in order to leave the computer vulnerable.
  • Request credit card information so that cybercriminals can bill for the phony services.

Microsoft will not make unsolicited phone calls to help you with your computer. If you receive a phone call like this, hang up.

If you think you might be a victim of fraud, you can report it. For more information, see What to do if you’ve responded to a phishing scam.

For more information about how to recognize a phishing scam, see Avoid scams that use the Microsoft name fraudulently.

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Group Manager, Trustworthy Computing

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  1. Anonymous

    I have just received a call from someone claiming to be from Windows Service Centre Customer Support – attempting to get me to turn on computer and follow his instructions to get rid of viruses.  He claims to be Kane West from Microsoft.  He withheld tel no. and after checking with your support team I realise he was attempting to hack into my computer.  We have had several similar calls – appears to be on the increase and I urge others to hang up as soon as they receive a call like this.

  2. Anonymous

    I have just received a call in the UK from Michael Smith from Technical Department of Microsoft Certified.

    He said he was ringing from Luton, tel 0201 44 56 890

    He said he had received an error message saying that my PC had been hacked and needed immediate attention. He said my IP address is

    He would not give me his company address.

    He said I should use IE to browse

    He said I could email him at

  3. Anonymous

    I received a phone call from an individual claiming to be from the Service Centre of Windows Operating System in London. When I pressed him he gave a phone number of 020 3051 9993 – which I have not rung.

    When pressed further for the department of Windows OS I should ring later in the day, if I wished to, he hung up.

    I agree that such calls are on the increase.

  4. Anonymous

    I just got a call claiming to be from Microsoft, and offering to help solve computer problems.  He would not give me a call back number or his name.  My caller id has his number as 253-802-0308

  5. Anonymous

    I received three telephone calls from a person claiming to be a microsoft windows agent telling me my computer is running slow.

    I questioned him and he said his name was Mark Henry (oriental accent) his code number 04182 He claimed my customer number was 67131777856.I asked him how I received that customer number. He then said just press your windows button on your key board and press "Run" I said "no"

  6. Anonymous

    I had a call like this from Windows Advanced Care V2 ( in fact) someone calling herself Christie – saying she was from Windows and my laptop was being hacked – got into my system – said they had removed most of problems but 4 left and I had to pay for those to be taken off – £59 for 6 months and they would monitor my comp each month during that time – at this point knew I was duped! Ended call. Downloaded Security Essentials in hope it may save me…??  any advice?  Not sure what to do next – can they still access my computer?

  7. Anonymous

    I got the same call today I hung up he sounded like a salesmen.. ands told me my computers were to old to get new ones i didnt go online with my computer and wasnt about to please hang up the phone if you get a call from windows tech suport…

  8. Anonymous

    I just got a call from someone with a very strong accent, claiming to be from Microsoft Technical Support.  He said his name was Rex Miller (had to have him spell it) and the call back number was 888-628-8328.

    Is there any way to shut these people down?

  9. Anonymous

    Recieved a phone call a lady – sounding indian telling me she was from Microsoft and that i had to RUN a program on my computer – i asked her where she got my phone number a couple of times and gave me different answers. she advised me i needed to run this program as there was a virus that could infect my computer.  i started to put in what she told me but stopped and questioned her again – i then asked to speak to her boss and she hung up – i then realised how stupid i nearly was  

  10. Anonymous

    i have just received a call from someone claiming to be from Microsoft customer service asking me to turn on my computer and RUN a program – Only because she became quite rude (at this stage i had started to type in this information she wanted me to) that i ask to speak to her boss …. she hung up.  Nearly got me – I also urge everyone to hung up – or maybe have a whistle by the phone

  11. Anonymous

    I just received this scam call. Guy claimed he was with Microsoft 35 tech support and that my computer has been sending out malicious emails and has a virus.

    He wanted me to type into my run box– i refused and told me to email me the information. Of course no email.

  12. Anonymous

    Some indian man rang me claiming to be from microsoft and I had a virus on my machine they would take me through what to do. This happened after downloading an upgrade from the microsoft download site.

  13. Anonymous

    I have received 2 calls from someone saying they worked for Microsoft and that my IP address had expired.  They wanted my name, which I didn't give them and they wanted me to put in another IP address to solve the problem, I didn't do this either.  I was suspisious from the begining and a phone call to microsoft confirmed this was a scam.. DO NOT respond to these people.

  14. Anonymous

    I have just received a call today from an Asian speaking gentleman who claimed to be from Microsoft technical support that I had a pop up to say I had received a technical report which I informed I had not received no such thing, I immediatley hung up on the caller and tried to ring the number back this number was not recognised the number that called was 06545654512

  15. Anonymous

    I just received a call from "Jacob" from Auslogix, claiming to be the "service provider for Windows". He gave me a phone no of 0131 2080365 in the UK. He wanted to "talk me through how to get rid of a dangerous virus which has infected your motherboard". I questioned him at length and he was getting agitated. Meanwhile, I did a search for this company, and saw it reported as a scam. I hung up the phone.

  16. Anonymous has phoned me at least 5 times in the last fortnight,saying that they represent Microsoft,and that i have a problem with the operating system,which they are going to fix?I have emailed them saying that i am seeking a class action against them,for deliberately infecting PC's with a virus,and making invasive phone calls,with malicicous intent

  17. Anonymous

    Live PC Solutions (livepcsolutions dot com) are also making scam phone calls and trying to trick users into believing they have a virus by looking at harmless Event Log entries. They then try to get you to use LogMeIn so they can access your computer.

    If you look at their web site they're (I assume) fraudulently using Microsoft certification logos.

  18. Anonymous

    My email was sent a malicious virus. Bobox was used to infilitrate the microsoft email.

    I would like to get my email up and running.

  19. Anonymous

    I and several memebers of my family have recieved a number (6-10 per person) over the last couple of months. It seems this scam is on the rise.

    Could you provide details of the agencies I should report these calls to?

  20. Anonymous

    i,ve just received a phone call saying they needed to check security on my comp, as there are really serious problems which will damage my computer. i refused to touch my comp as i didn,t know who she was, she was quite insistant but i still refused.. i rung microsoft office who said it was a scam.. don,t fall for it microsoft don,t call you to do checks

  21. Anonymous

    Call received yesterday from "Windows Helpdesk" (they say) – Indian accent.  Said my computer is reporting problems and it could crash if Microsoft engineer didn't sort it out. He put me through to Microsoft engineer "Sean Johnson" who requested my ID and password, then used remote control to clear all the badness.  He seemed to prove it to me by showing me a page that included several errors, in red, which he said would crash my computer.  These seemed to coincide with many phonecalls we had received over weeks where the caller hung up when we answered.  He did clear it, and I have to say computer is working faster BUT he made me go and purchase a UKASH voucher for £149 which, he said, covered my license and system for life, and the hardware for 3 years. He asked for a further £100 to cover software for life but I sid no. Then I received a weird call, another Indian voice, asking if I gave an engineer money and I said yes, so he told me whatever I do not to give him more, then he hung up.  I have phoned Windows Helpdesk just now and someone called Ben Matthews is looking into it, but he said it was all above board!

  22. Anonymous

    they are obviously good…they hacked into my computer witch is allmost impossible to say all the proventions i have up.They can get your adress/phone number from your IP.I dont know weather it was microsofrt or a dodgy company but who ever it was will not like what will happen soon…If it is microsoft their firewall will provent it but if it is a dodgy company their systems will say bye bye lol

  23. Anonymous

    It's getting quite annoying, I received these types of phone calls nearly every second week. They even gave me a number to call back. Can't we report them to the police?

  24. Anonymous

    I have had two phone calls yesterday to say I had a  problem on my  comuter a virus or something I could not    detect they told me they were from mircosoft and could I open my computer I did not but they rang again sometime later I dialled 1471 the number was 091654 which I thought seemed a short number I did not answer the phone the second time but I think this needs to be reported to you.  

  25. Anonymous

    I live in Sydney, AU and was contacted today by a rep claiming to be from Microsoft. He used my surname and claimed that microsoft had been receiving error messages from my computer. He talked me through a few things like looking at logs and asked me to note what i saw and then became alarmed saying that i had virusues and sptyware. He then asked me to type in www:logmein 123. At this stage i became suspicious knowing this would allow them access to my computer. I could not get any more details as to who they were or the Microsoft tech numbers. They then gave me a NSW phone number 02 8005 7503 to call them back on and a bogus name of Gary and tech number 486208. They called back within 3 minutes and asked what had happened to my call back. In the interim i had looked up Microsoft website and seen the scam warning. He backed off and hung up when confronted with this.

  26. Anonymous

    I have just received a telephone call from a R&D company claiming to be working for Microsoft.  They stated that Microsoft had information from my PC indicating that I was infected with a virus which gobbles up computer resources such as disk space and memory. They offered to fix it for me.  I never respond to unsolicited telephone calls and I hung up.  However, I am suffering from low disk space on my C drive.   When I create space it is immediately absorbed so the symptoms stated by the phone call are relevant in my case.   I have Norton anti-virus so I thought that I was safe.  Can you advise?

  27. Anonymous

    We have received 2 calls now from someone claiming to be from Microsoft Technical Support, regarding files on computer which are hidden but are malicious and offering to talk us through the process to deal with them. He gave his name as Brinc and tel no 02081443687.  We were suspicious as we are aware that you do not make unsolicited calls and both times have declined to access our computer whilst he was on the line.   We are sure these calls were not geniune – can you confirm please?

  28. Anonymous

    I got several phone calls yesterday from some man with a strong accent who said I was downloading programs with a virus. I'm in the United States-the earlier postings indicate the recipients were in the UK.

  29. Anonymous

    This is not a generic phishing scam. They knew my xbox live handle, real name, phone number, and other personal information they could not have learned except from Microsoft. Either your systems have been breached and you need to provide notice to your customer base along with credit monitoring services as per applicable consumer privacy laws and credit card security regulations, or you have support staff who are being tricked into disclosing this information over the phone.

    To be clear – my xbox live handle is not associated with my name or phone number anywhere except in your computers. I am not even the person who uses the xbox live account – my minor son does, so even if someone had tricked him into disclosing information online they would not have obtained my name and personal cell phone number.

    What is Microsoft doing to investigate this breach consumer information from your computer systems?

  30. Anonymous

    I like HB-C have over the last six weeks been recieving calls from Windows Service Center and a was told that a virus had been distributed through microsoft affecting all operating systems and that they needed to get details from my PC. Also my friend who lives next door also recieved same call whilst i was there last week same guy calling himself Rasheed. Contacted microsoft support reported same given this site details to report.Hope this helps others.

  31. Anonymous

    I received a phone call from someone claiming to be in tech support for Microsoft.  He said that they had received several error reports and identified that my computer had been infected by a virus and was about to crash.  He was going to help me thru it and started giving me instructions.  I insisted he give me a number that I could call to verify he was in fact with Microsoft.  Eventuall he put me on hold then came back with a phone number (718) 593-4198.  I of course did not call. He had a very heavy Indian accent, and there was alot of background noise like a call center.

  32. Anonymous

    I just received a phone call offering support for problems I did not know I was having….he told me to press the Windows key and the R key and open "eventvwr" to see all the issues he will help me fix. I told him to call back in one hour so my husband could be involved. I expect he will not call back and that it is a scam.

  33. Anonymous

    I've just had a call claiming to be from Microsoft Windows & wanting to do the same as the previous posts so I told him he was a fraud & hung up…..I did get the phone number though :- 020 8731 5642.

  34. Anonymous

    I got that "virus" warning message & forwarded it to all three "abuse" addresses, my ISP. Gmail, Hotmail, & Live. Will anything be done by Authotity such as Their Security, FBI, other Feds??


  35. Anonymous

    I just had calls from people with Indian accents claiming to help with my error reports. I was astonished at their audacity especially when she put me onto her supervisor when I asked how they got my phone number and the name of their 'research and development team'. They said they were calling from Microsoft and I should do all these lovely things to my computer. DUHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but for the less technical they could be  very very convincing.

  36. Anonymous

    i have been recieving a phone call the last couple of days saying that they are from microsoft that thereb are virus coming through and for me to turn my computer on and they will fix this problem i di not respond to this but they have been ringing a few time and i have stopped answering this call as it is coming up as unavailable number.

  37. Anonymous

    recieved a call on friday saying he was from microsoft support and there isb  2 big virus going through and for me to sit by my computer and ha wil go through with me how to stop theses virus i told him to ring back at 5 and in the mean time i was told by a friend that it was a scam dead on 5 the phone rings same again an unavailable number comes up i asked his name and he said allan dawson no 02032865123 he sounded very convincing but i hung up rang again  sat but i did not answer phone

  38. Anonymous

    I also just received a call from a male with an Indian accent, calling from a withheld number. He asked whether i had a computer, and fearing it was a telemarketing call I said no. The male said that "his systems indicated that i have a Microsoft laptop" which i do and that it has been reported that there are alot of errors which would cause my computer to run slowly and chew up memory. I demanded to speak with a supervisor thinking this was a fraud and he put another male consultant on the line who ran me through the run program by looking up "inventvwr" & "INF" stating that this is the reason for my computer running slowly and this shows how many infected files there are. He then asked me to open internet explorer and when i hesitated he started to raise his voice and got very frustrated saying "it's your choice, i dont have sales targets so it doesnt benefit me whether you do this or not" I disconnected the call and im glad i did after reading the other comments!!

  39. Anonymous

    We have now had 2 telephone calls from a company called PC

    Miles. who say they are working for Microsoft.  They stated that our computer has been sending an error message to Microsoft and they are just phoning up on Microsofts  behalf to help us fix the error.When we asked  them which computer they were talking about they cannot give an answer, they just waffle on about there being a problem, and tell us to open up certain programms etc. We have checked out their website and it is genuine, but they want to charge over £100 to fix errors for a year.What we want to know is Microsoft getting error messages from us, and have you asked this company to contact us, if not I will be reporting them to Trading Standards. As this is not on.

  40. Marcelle Amelia

    Thanks, for letting us know about this.

    Microsoft (including Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Support) will not make unsolicited phone calls to fix your computer and we do not hire other companies to do this either. If you receive a call like this, hang up. For more information, see:

    How to boost malware defense and protect your PC…/protect-pc.aspx

  41. Anonymous

    phone number that called is 858-939-1002

  42. Anonymous

    I got a phone call saying there is a virus with windows. They wanted to walk me through my computer. I hung up.  Is there a virus. I do see under computer management -warnings and errors. what do those mean exactly?

    phone number that called is 858-939-1002

    I also agree with Steve that posted here. How did these people get our information from Microsoft?

  43. Anonymous

    I am from Victoria, Australia. I have just received a call from a woman with a heavy asian accent claiming to be from Microsoft Tech Support and that my computer had virus and that they needed to check it and fix it. They got me to go into my computer which showed up errors which they needed to fix (I disconnected the internet before doing anything). I was then put on to a so called tech engineer which was a man with a heavy Indian accent who wanted me to log into the net and go to a web address so they could fix my computer. I shut him down at that point and hung up the phone. These people new my name, phone number, when I had purchased my computer, what operating system I was using and details of my computer. The man gave me a number to call him back on which was (02) 80147459 and a name which was Ron Williams. He was also quite abrupt when I wouldnt cooperate as was the woman who initially called me. I rang the number back to see if they answered and it went straight to a message bank. I am glad I got suspicious as I guess they were trying to hijack my computer.

  44. Anonymous

    I got a phone call while driving, by an indian gentelman telling me that he was from microsoft and was calling me to allert me that my personal information was being let out on the web by virisus which had infected my computer. Aftr he delivered a spheal about who he was and how hew knew he asked me to go to my computer if i could and he would show mehow it was happening. I foiled when I told him that I was driving and not at home however at that point he almost had me fooled so I asked if he could call me back in an hour when I should be home, and he said that he would.I did not get a call until the next day from the same man and now even more leary picked up where weleft off. I , however had spent hours checking my computers and plugging all unused ones out or shutting them down. I was very concerned because I do have 7 children and me and my wife connected,all having their own access at any given time through my wirless routers secured port from their own dell mini's or 3 home shared laptops and 2 desktops as well as a IMac in the kitchen. I only had one computer desktop hooked up directly to the router though and was haing problems with it for some months after up grading the CPU and memory I was a little concerned thoughbecause it sill was hooked up and connected to the router and I thought that maybe it had somehow been compromised. I also had used it as a network conection to my printer and route previously and was not sure of its access to my other wireless computer connections. I disconnected it totally and ran all scans and updates on my main laptop as well as downloading new tools from Mcaffe and microsoft security site. I did come up with a generic pup and lots of cookies which were not detected in he daily and realtime scans and was told that he pup could not be totally removed by mcaffe so i went to microsoft and downloaded some virus scanners for free and did many other scans with spybot and other free programs. I told the man that I did all this and he still insisted that I was still leaking info on the web and said that he would show me on the compoter where it was. I di go to the my computer manament event logs and clicked on flagged repeated items and tried to delete them and he said that because there was no delete option showing in the drop down or by right clicking that the virus has corrupted the computer and removed my ability to delete thease items and that the only way to get rid of the virus was to go to a web site which i did,which lets two computers hook up remotly and lets him show me how to get rid of the virus and down load th fix. I at that time after numerous requests from him to verify himself further as a micro soft tech in any way further to prove to me who he was and he could only tell me that my name and address and email were the evidence which he got off the web leeks and that proves who he was and when questioned about his phone number and caller ID being missing and some strange short numbers like overseas, he said that was because he was on a micrsoft tech line not for normal access. I did not download the free downlod which he instructed me to or open any link on the site, and he then ended or call.

  45. Anonymous

    Had a phone call from an Indian man tonight saying that i had errors and i had not responded, i am not up with scams, anyway he show me some files and said oh dear that's not good, sounded so convincing, but i keep asking him why wouldn,t bigpond contact me, he got shitty when i question him, and when i said you could be anyone ripping me off, he said he would not do that to the company microsoft, anyway i went right through to the login http://www.logmein 123, then i asked him does this give you total access to my computer and he said my technicaian will have, so then i said no, give me ID, then i will give you access and hanged up. lesson learnt, first scam for me.

  46. Anonymous

    Not all phone numbers are coming from the White Pages. One of our clients has only had a phone number in Australia for 6 weeks. Another client received a phony call immediately after a support call from a major ISP.

  47. Anonymous

    It continues to look like something I have never seen before, with some ODD letter, or something.

    Here is a copy:

         Microsoft does not send emails to everyone asking them to update Internet Explorer.

         ï»¿This sounds like a scam.  Avoid scams that use the Microsoft name fraudulently:

         Please read: Don’t fall for phony phone tech support:

         Microsoft Support

  48. Anonymous

    I have had the same problem in the last week with an Indian male claiming to be from microsoft saying that he is receiving error messages about my computer and that i have a Trojan virus which normal Anti virus soft ware cannot detect!?!?! He wanted me to log onto so he could access my computer and to 'show me the virus'! lol I googled it as i was talking to him and i found this website. The scary thing was he knew my full address and post code and name!! I hung up afterwards but he is still trying to contact me!

    He also gave me another website to look at to 'verify' who he was!?

  49. Anonymous

    I'm a little concerned. I got scammed by these people in January. Then heard nothing more until 2 days ago, when they claimed that I had been scammed and that the Indian Govt. was going to pay it back. They said they were from Australian Govt. Fraud. They told me they needed information from me etc. So I hung up. Then tonight I get a call from them saying that they never recieved my payment from January. Which I know they did coz its on my account. But I was just wondering if anyone can tell me if I need to do something to fix my computer, given that I allowed remote access to it. Are they still able to hack it??

    Please help. This scam is happening all over the world.

  50. Anonymous

    I received a phone call from a "rep" from microsoft asking me how I enjoyed the Windows 7 on my new computer. He also said that I was having some connectivity issues and that he wanted to help me. I told him I was busy, but he said it would only take about 10 minutes.  I told him, no I was busy, he wanted to call me back later that evening, I told him no, I was not getting on my computer later.  I told him to call me back the next day at the same time and we could complete the updates. That night, I sent an email to microsoft and they informed me that they would never contact me via the phone, unless I asked for a call.  Four days later, still no call.  It was a bad connection, lots of static in the line, he had an accent, I could not distinguish because of the static

  51. Anonymous

    I have just been rung up by someone claiming to be a Windows Technician who said that I have major corrupted files and he wanted me to turn on my computer so he could fix it.  He said he knew that I was operating a Windows system and that my computer would crash if I didn't get him to fix it. He confirmed my name and address. I did speak to this person for some time and I told him that I didn't believe him and he gave me this phone no 02 8001 5005 for me to check to confirm that he was legitimate claiming to be from Sydney – he had an Indian accent.  I now realise it was a scam but it was quite disconcerting at the time.  I hope Microsoft can stop these disgusting people for good!!!!!

  52. Anonymous

    I have had two more calls which I have promptly hung up on.  It is so scary.  I wish he would just go away!!!!

  53. Anonymous

    Did not fall for the scam,microsoft has never called me before so why now ,the call isfrom VA.8044669633,so don't get taken.

  54. Anonymous


    On the morning of Thursday, April 28th I received a call from a person claiming to be Microsoft Windows Services Department.  They said so much junk had been downloaded onto my computer it would crash immediately without intervention from their technician.  I gave remote control to their technician who worked on my computer for half an hour.  II paid $60 for this service and for another year to be serviced by them if I had more problems.  

    Afterwards I spoke to a friend who said Microsoft never contacts people.  So I phoned Microsoft and talked to an employee who said this must have been a hacker.  I immediately cancelled my Master card and did a full scan on my computer which had actually speeded up and had no problems whatsoever.  I then saw I had an e-mail from a billing company congratulating me on my $60 purchase so I contacted them and explained the full story.  Then I saw on their e-mail that the website of the company who called me is  They said they act on behalf of approximately 100,000 companies but would investigate and give me a refund if my story proved true.  The following morning (today April 29th) I got another call from the same company.  I also got the phone number from them which is 203-411-0477.  I told the girl who called that I had contacted Microsoft and the employee had told me they are hackers.  She asked if I got the ID number of the employee and at that point I asked her what her Microsoft employee ID number is and she hung up.

    I have reported this verbally to Microsoft customer service and she gave me this e-mail address to report to as wel.  Can you let me know what you find out about this company.


    Elizabeth Ginger

  55. Anonymous

    I recieved a phone call from a individual that told me he was from microsoft and did not show ohone number on phone  He told me I hade infected computer and would fix it for me. I ask him if he worked for microsoft and he said yes. I told him my pc was clean and he said the viruses he was refering to could not be seen..I said If thats the case i will go purchase windows 7 and a new H D and nothing will survive then.. he said will not fix it ..I hung up on him as i know for a fact it would there would be no place to hide..  I thought i should report this to You as he was useing your name..

  56. Anonymous

    My silver surfer mother keeps being bothered by these callers – every week or so – they say they have been subcontracted by microsoft to address a serious systems problem. She sensibly has ignored them, but they are very insistent that her whole hard drive will be corrupted without their help and she is now scared to use the computer at all! These guys are really bothering innocent folks! WATCH OUT EVERYONE!

  57. Anonymous

    I did receive a phone call telling me they were from Microsoft and that Microsoft updates were not being installed correctly on my computer and that the updates were coming back and they had gotten  from my ip address they had contacted my Internet service provider to get my phone number and that there were some serious problems with my computer security and ask to be able to look at my computer to fix these issues.  Unfortunately, I fell for it and they immediately said there were serious problems with my computer which would cause the computer to crash if I did not purchase this security package that was not a division of Microsoft.  At this point I declined and hung up.  What should I do?  Is it possible that they did copy something malicious, or copied files?  If so what should I di?

  58. Anonymous

    just recieved this call at 4 pm may 2 2011.. the number that came over was 91618.. they had a overseas voice.. i told him i didnt understand a word he was saying and i needed someone who spoke clear english and he hung up… figures they will try anything

  59. Anonymous

    i am receiving countless calls every day from some Indian sounding man telling me they are Microsoft technical department at least i think so the English is so bad i believe this is an attempt at fraud is it and to whom should i report it and apart for putting down the phone what else can i do i have subscribed to the bt preference call service but it appears not to work help Neil Murphy herne bay England  

  60. Anonymous

    I received 3 suspect calls today around 1750 from an Indian sub continent accented male voice claiming to be from and wanting to take charge of my computer. I refused And told them I would check them out which brought me to this page!May 4 2011

  61. Anonymous

    This just happened to me, I had that sick feeling in my gut and kinda new it wasn't right. He said my computer was under attack from hackers and went through the rigmarole of looking at my comp then when he asked me to go to logmein123 i knew it was a scam. Be careful people, I said i would contact microsoft about it and hung up.

  62. Anonymous

    i have had a call (indian accent) asking me to turn on the computer….I turned it off… told him it was being repaired, I asked him for a number to phone him back on (which he gave me) I told him i would call him back to confirm a time & date that he could then log on to my computer.  I waited 10 – 15 min, then called back, and spoke to him……… (02) 8011 3524 – problem is now…. who do I report this to… know one seems to want to know….

  63. Anonymous

    Same problems here….call every few weeks with familiar content to the many examples below. It's getting tiresome to put it mildly.  Can Microsoft put a bit more on their website about this?

  64. Anonymous

    I received a phone call from an indian speaking man yesterday saying he was from Microsoft and that my PC had a number of virus;s etc.  I just hung up on him because I have McAfee installed.

  65. Anonymous

    I received one of these calls today, and I kept asking where did you get my telephone number.  She kept insisting that I go to my computer and I kept saying, no how did you get this number.  Finally she hung up, like do these third world countries really think that we would fall for this, Microsoft calling BILLIONS OF PEOPLE who use this product.  REALLY!!!!

  66. Anonymous

    I have just received a second of these calls, the first called my wife and as I had advised my wife not to respond, she didn't. I received one tonight too, I strung them along a bit and told them all my PCs were linux, they ended the call.

  67. Anonymous

    I have just had a similar call claiming to be from Microsoft.When I told him that his number was being traced by "telecom security" he terminated the call very rapidly

  68. Anonymous

    Just had a call from Indian-accented guy claiming to be from a company called something like 'Kumars' and saying they are the registered partners of Microsoft. Apparently, my computer has malicious software on it which is eating up all my software and he is going to talk me through how to fix this. Scary part was that when I told him I didn't trust any of this and hung up he seemed to have taken over my 'phone line and time after time when I tried to do 1471 he was still there. In the end I was screaming at him to get off my 'phone line and he was threatening me that I had better not talk to him like that…not at all nice!

  69. Anonymous

    Today I had a call from a man pretending to be a Microsoft employee. He asked me to count how many warnings I had in my event viewer and then he asked me to click the Microsoft key and the R key on my keyboard so they could connect to my computer and repair the errors. I refused saying I didn't believe he was a Microsoft employee and ended the call. I then spoke online to a Microsoft agent who gave me this link so I could report this. Thank you!

  70. Anonymous

    Received a call today, Monday 5/16/2011 saying they were a support person.  I hung up having heard the warning last week.  Thanks for keeping the public informed.

  71. Anonymous

    Just to advise I terminated a telephone call a few days ago- an Asian claiming to have identified suspicious threats on my computer. (NSW) I trminated the call

  72. Anonymous

    I received a call today telling me that Microsoft informed them I had a virus on my computer and they could help me to get rid of it. I asked why Microsoft didn't get in touch with me personally and she said they handled all the virus problems. I then asked for her phone # so I could call her back and she said she couldn't give out that information and so I told her that I couldn't give out my computer information and hung up! That's when I found this site and looked up whether or not you really do have people phone for you to repair virus'.

  73. Anonymous

    I want to make people aware, i've received a call from people claiming to work with NIS(national internet security), Thank goodness my daughter interrupted and stopped it before it went to far,,,,

  74. Anonymous

    I received a call today (5/23/11) by someone that identified themselves as being from Microsoft Customer Care (Mack) and Tech Support (Ron).  What is disturbing is that they had my name, address and phone number and personalized the conversation by stating that people in the area where I live were having this particular type of problem.  They explained that there was some app program that you download unknowingly onto you PC when you are on the internet.  It appends to app programs on your PC and cause it to be sluggish.  I am in IT, a couple of things they asked were harmless (I already knew about) but then once you are transferred to Tech Support they ask you to Run: At this point I hung up. I had requested their number and they gave 858-939-1002 x10368 (which is the San Diego area). I thought it was odd that Microsoft would give me a call.  Be safe out there.

  75. Anonymous

    I just recieved a call from a couple people claiming to be a part of Microsofts support telling me that I have been "unknowingly downloading" bad updates from the Microsoft Windows updating center.  I was asked to go thru my administrative tools, and check out how many error and warnings were listed among the information files.  Then I was told I had to pay $139 dollars to have it solved or unfortunately soon I would no longer be able to run my windows program.   Hang up on these people.

  76. Anonymous

    Just had a spam phone call from a 'company' called 'Windows Care' in 'Liverpool' saying I had something wrong with my computer and he was ringing to fix it, as they were the only company authorised by Microsoft to do so. He gave me a number to verify himself – 01518080313 – which we just rang and the same man answered in the same foreign accent! He's gonna have a fun day now answering lots of dead calls from our withheld number!!!

  77. Anonymous

    From England: Have just had another call from someone claiming they were ringing on behalf of Mircosoft. They got me to log into event viewer and then because of warnings asked me to log into I disconnected my internet before doing this and fobbed them off saying my internet was down. Aparrently they are ringing back tomorrow! Is there anywhere to report these people.

  78. Anonymous

    Like others below, I have received phone calls from a service in India (647-288-1790)which claims to have Windows authority to "reactivate" my basic hardware in order to speed up my computer which is running extremely slow.  I checked for errors and warnings in my 'run' site and this was the area which they were going to take over 'once' and clean up.  I refused and ended up hanging up because the supervisor, Sid Watson, would not let it go.  Seeing this information confirms that I did the right thing.

  79. Anonymous

    This company misrepresent themselves as Microsoft by telling you Microsoft are sending them error messages to sort out for them.  In fact they are flogging malware one of which is 'Windows7 Ultimate' @ £159.99.



    Cornwall Buildings,

    45-51 Newhall Street, Office 330, Birmingham,

    England B3 3QR Great Britain

    Registration number: OC354594

    Contact no- 020-328-65123

  80. Anonymous

    Watch out for


    Cornwall Buildings,

    45-51 Newhall Street, Office 330, Birmingham,

    England B3 3QR Great Britain

    Registration number: OC354594

    Contact no- 020-328-65123

    They simply want to shaft you with some malware after telling you they are recieving error messages from your computer

  81. Anonymous

    Just received one of these Microsoft Windows Tech Support calls tonight. The guy couldn't even read his script to correctly identify the words "Microsoft Tech Support". He said "Your computer is sending all sorts of error messages, there must be a problem on your hard drive, you have a computer, right?"  I was immediately suspicious. I told him I wasn't going to give him any information as I had no idea who he was or where he was calling from.  He persisted and said I must have a virus or something. I told him I've dealt with Microsoft for years and NEVER had such a phone call." He kept reiterating he was from Microsoft Tech Support.  I hung up the phone. I also never choose the "Send an Error Report" function so I knew I hadn't been generating any messages, also have strong security software.  Seems to be renewed effort….caller ID showed unknown number.

  82. Anonymous

    I have just had a phone call from an Asian chap saying he was from Windows Help Desk PC Support and said that my computer had been sending lots of error messages to Windows Support.  I know this is not true.  I pressed him on how he got my phone number and he said it was on the Windows database.  I have never supplied my phone number to Microsoft or any other company in connection with my computer software.  I asked where he was based and he said Manchester.  I asked for a contact telephone number which he did not give.  He asked me to turn on my computer I again said no.  I then pressed further about where he got my phone number from and he said it was from my IP address, how can you get a phone number from my IP address I asked. He went quiet I again asked him for his company's phone number so I could verify who he was and that the company he works for is legit.  At this point he cut me off.  I am aware of many scams of this nature…don't fall for it.  Try and take names, locations, where they got your information from and then their phone number so you can call them to verify their details.  If you suspect a scam contact Ofcom if you are in the UK.

  83. Anonymous

    I have received calls all week.  First time I hung up on them.  Then I asked them where they got my number.  They stated they were from Windows.  Nice answer.  When I questioned again, they hung up.  Today after getting 3 more calls, I let them speak.  They stated again from Windows and that I had downloaded upprotected websites that were infecting my computer and thus I had junk files.   He gave his name as Williams and his phone number was 1-647-288-1790 and website was  He wants me to run eventvwr on my system looking for error/warning windows log.  I wish I could block these calls, but each time they call it is a different #.  My call display had number as 123-456-7890 (how orginal).

  84. Anonymous

    Phone call very repitious of other comments–strong accent, hardly understandable–supposedly from Microsoft tech wanting to remove a virus from my computer. When I told him computer wasn't available and requested his phone no. so I could call him back: 1-888-408-6651. I returned his call on my cell phone and got similar voice. I hung up.I hope microsoft can locate this caller and put a stop to this.

  85. Anonymous

    I received a call from "Microsoft technician" telling me that my system was going to CRASH if I did not spend $99.00 to buy a Microsoft lifetime system called "Software Security Layer".

    Can anyone help me on this – I provided my email in case the reply needs to go via email.- this is my first time doing this.

  86. Anonymous

    i have had these calls several times i fell for it once but did manage to stop the payment thank god the latest one was today 8th june from same company go go pay in copenhagen. i did what microsoft say put the phone down

  87. Anonymous

    Malwarebytes offered anti malware support for over one hour and wanted to charge me for 3 years cover they had acess to my computer and the are now aware of my details how can I resecure it?

  88. Anonymous

    I just received a call from 24×7 Tech Support claiming that they are receiving error messages from my computer because my software license has expired.  They wanted me to turn on my computer & verify my security ID # .  When I aksed him to confirm who he was he told me that his name was Michael at 877-523-2355.  

    I didn't give him any info and so he eventually hung up.  My phone's caller ID  shows Unknown Name, Unknown number….

    Here we go again….

  89. Anonymous

    I was phoned by someone saying that they were a Microsoft Engineer saying that there were error messages on my computer and it was at risk.  Following their instructions they took control of my computer.  I kept asking them for assurances that they were linked to Microsoft and that this was a Microsoft service and they said the service was a customer service and free of charge.  Stupidly I followed their instructions and allowed them to access my computer but then became suspicious and when they said they would provide a one off charge for a lifetime safeguard to my computer I said I didn't want to pay anything but he then became insistent and threatened me with saying that if I didn't pay then they would stop my computer operating.  My husband tried to get details from them but they refused so we switched off the computer and broke the internet connection.

  90. Anonymous

    just recieved call to give permission to remotely access my computer–to logmein rescue–said his name is David Gonzales(tho he spoke with a middle eastern accent—ha ha)and gave this phone #609 531 0365

    he gave me this "special #" to login 105817 to allow technician access to my computer.

    He hung up after I told him I was going to check some things BEFORE I let anyone remotely access my computer

  91. Anonymous

    Unfortunately Iwas taken in by this. They took hold of Pc for 2 hours and I paid £71 for a years cover.A few days later thesame womwan rang back andasked if improved I said a bit but still some issues,  so they had access to my PC for a second time. I have changed my credit cards now used on the pc and not bought anything on there with new cards. No other issues yet. Actually perfrmance ha simproved inthat pc crashes less when I am exiting web sites when I close down. I felt stupid as never taken in usually but was this time as my pc was doing exactly what they said it was doing so believed them. What concerns me is their site is still online livepc

  92. Anonymous

    I have just received a phone call from a person with a heavy indian accent claiming my computer have reported a problem to microsoft claiming this was a new service and they needed to fix it before the computer crashed.  When i asked for their number so I could call back they said they could not do that.  The caller id came in as unknown caller.  Should they be reported to anyone else.

  93. Anonymous

    i just received a phone call today from 'microsoft tech dept' for problem and solutions to fix my pc.  They were unable to say why they had contacted my by phone or how they got my details considering i have never provided these to any microsoft dept.

  94. Anonymous

    I thought I was the only knuckle head that would fall for this scam. I paid $264.99 so they would take errors off my pc. I attempted to stop payment but was too late. I am so embarrassed. It sounds like the same group to me. I think they are from India. I'm learning!!!!

  95. Anonymous

    A compny contacted me today by phone and tried to get me to connect to the following link claiming to be part of the windows support team saying that Microsoft provided the os but they provided windows support. I did not connect and when the i questioned the companies credentials they were very defletive and threated that my pc was very much infected and would crash.  


  96. Anonymous

    I had three calls saying I Had malware on my computer.   Asked to speak to supervisor, asked to speak to a person with no accent apologizing that I do not hear well…….they wanted me to start pressing keys on my computer.    I hung up three times after they kept asking me why I wanted to speak to a supervisor.   They said they were from India.  I asked for a Microsoft phone number to check validity of their claims.   NO number given……Frightening Fraud that spoiled my supper and my evening.

  97. Anonymous

    We just received a call for the "Microsoft Support Dept" which asked me to turn on the computer and grant him access to my computer to fix a virus that is on my computer. I hung up on him.. number was private. My cousin received the same call a week ago.. they are getting brave!

  98. Anonymous

    i am new to scams but i nearly put in 300 to have a tech worker or who ever they were 2 of them one chinese and they put there money through western union,, not happy

  99. Anonymous

    Someone rang claiming to be from Microsoft and needed access to my home computer as they noted that it was 'running slow'.

    This must be a scam! Don't give them access ! Report it to the Police.

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