Microsoft sponsors privacy event in Washington, D.C.

If you plan to be in the Washington D.C. area on Thursday, January 28th, come celebrate Data Privacy Day and join us for an event sponsored by Microsoft and hosted by The Future of Privacy Forum.  The event will focus on online reputations and their impact on people’s lives. Attendees will hear how the Human Resources and recruitment community view online reputations, and the impact it could have on you. 

What is Data Privacy Day?

Data Privacy Day is dedicated to helping people understand how their personal information is collected, stored, used, and shared online. Microsoft participates in Data Privacy Day to help customers keep their personal information from being misused and to help increase online privacy for everyone.

Data Privacy Day is celebrated on January 28th in the United States, Canada, and 27 European countries to raise awareness and generate discussion about data privacy and protection.

Data Privacy Day 2010 is a division of The Privacy Projects, a nonprofit think tank and research organization dedicated to the promotion of privacy standards and shared responsibility for individual data protection and commercial management of personal information.

Visit the Microsoft Data Privacy Day Web site for privacy and online reputation resources.

For more information about the Data Privacy Day worldwide initiative, see Data Privacy Day 2010.


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