Watch out for fake Security Bulletin Notifications

There’s another scam making the rounds that promises to deliver an urgent security update from Microsoft. These e-mail messages attempt to lure you to Web sites to download spyware or other unwanted software. They may also include a file attachment that contains a virus.

Microsoft does not send unsolicited communications about security updates

Microsoft sends e-mail messages to subscribers of our security communications when we release information about a security software update or security incident, but these messages will not contain attachments.

How to help verify the legitimacy of a security-related e-mail

·        Legitimate notifications do not include software updates as attachments. We never attach software updates to our security communications. Rather, we refer customers to our Web site for complete information about the software update or security incident.

·        Legitimate notifications are also on We never send notices about security updates or incidents until after we publish information about them on our Web site. Check the Microsoft Security Updates page to see whether the information is listed there.

For more information see Scams that use the Microsoft name or product names.

To help protect your computer from spyware, viruses, and other malicious software, download Microsoft Security Essentials.


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