Facebook hacked? Get the help you need fast

Back in February we talked about how to help protect your personal information on the social networking site, Facebook. Since then Facebook has grown exponentially and the one truism about computer security is that cyber criminals follow the crowds.

We’ve heard about lots of scams on Facebook, ranging from spam sent out from accounts without the owner’s  knowledge, to stolen personal information (identity theft). 

Fortunately, Facebook has some great resources available to help. If your account has been hacked or if you think a friends account has been hacked, check these resources first:

·         Facebook security

·         Security: Account was hacked or “phished”

·         Facebook security tips

You can also get some general advice on how to avoid phishing scams and other online fraud here:

·         Reduce the risk of online fraud

·         Scams that promise money, gifts, or prizes

·         How to handle suspicious e-mail

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