Bing helps filter scareware

In the past few weeks, we’ve been talking here about Microsoft’s new search tool called Bing. Bing helps you find Web pages, images, video, and more. It also helps you avoid downloading unwanted software to your computer (also known as malware) and helps you avoid unsafe Web sites.

One of the fastest rising security risks on the Web is fake security software, also known as rogue security software. Rogue security software, also known as “scareware,” is software that appears to be beneficial from a security perspective but provides limited or no security, generates misleading alerts, or attempts to lure users into participating in fraudulent transactions.

Bing’s malware filter helps you avoid rogue security software Web sites by identifying them and alerting you as you search or by removing dangerous sites from search results before you even see them.

For more information, read Bing keeps the Web safe with malware filter.

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