SDL Template and Agile…

We have been pleased thus far with the reaction from the developer community to our release of the SDL Template for Visual Studio Team System. However, some folks in the developer community have inquired about applying the template to agile methods.

The SDL template is a software manifestation of the Microsoft SDL requirements and recommendations as we apply them to typical Microsoft “packaged product” development projects.  Most of those projects are using native code and following a spiral development methodology.

Agile methods are also used at Microsoft, but it’s critically important that we fully examine how the SDL can be integrated into agile methods to ensure that we get it right.  We’ve already learned that simply taking the SDL for spiral methodology and applying the entire SDL at each agile sprint is not the right answer. We’re working to bring the benefits of the Microsoft SDL to users of the Visual Studio Team System MSF for Agile template in the near future.

About the Author
Dave Ladd

Principal Security Group Program Manager