Hide your real name in e-mail

You and your kids might already know the dangers of sharing your e-mail address with people that you don’t know.

But everyone who e-mails you might not know this. They could forward an e-mail message that you or your kids send, or add you or your kids to the recipient list of an e-mail message that gets forwarded to strangers.

You can help protect the privacy of your personal e-mail address and your child’s personal e-mail address in two ways:

  • Use a nickname instead of your real name when you open a personal e-mail account.

  • Hide your real name in your e-mail profile.


Hide your real name in your e-mail profile in Windows Live Hotmail:

1.                       Sign in to the Windows Live Hotmail Web site with your Windows Live ID.

2.                       On the left side of the page, under your profile, click Details.

3.                       Click Name.

4.                       Uncheck Allow everyone to see my last name so people on Windows Live can connect with me.

5.                       Click Save.


To hide your real name in Microsoft Outlook 2007, see Change the way your name appears to others. For Microsoft Exchange, see Review or change a Microsoft Exchange account.

If you use a different e-mail program than those listed above, check the program’s help file.

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Eve Blakemore

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