Windows Live OneCare FAQ – Part III

In recent weeks readers have sent us the following questions about Windows Live OneCare. This is the third in the series. For more questions, see Windows Live OneCare FAQ Part I and Windows Live OneCare FAQ Part II. 


Q: I have both Windows Defender and OneCare and I run Windows Vista. Do I need Windows Defender?


A: OneCare and Windows Vista both include Windows Defender. OneCare automatically turns off Windows Defender so that you don’t get repeating messages. For more information, see Does Windows Live OneCare include Windows Defender?


Q: Do I need to open OneCare every time I go online?

A: No. After you download, install, and configure OneCare, it is always on. OneCare works quietly in the background on your computer to protect against viruses, spyware, hackers, and other unwanted intruders.


Q: Can I use OneCare and other antispyware programs?

A: OneCare includes Windows Defender, the Microsoft antispyware solution. Before you install Windows Live OneCare, you should disable or uninstall other security-related programs.

If you use more than one brand of antispyware program at the same time, your computer might suffer from decreased performance, become unstable, or restart unexpectedly. Note: If you already have Windows Defender, you do not need to uninstall it before you install OneCare. For more information, see Does Windows Live OneCare include Windows Defender?


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