Windows Live OneCare FAQ – Part I

In recent weeks readers have sent us the following questions about Windows Live OneCare. We’ll post a few of these questions every week for a few weeks. We hope these answers are helpful.



Q: How do I know if I already have OneCare? 

A: If OneCare is running on your computer, you will see the green, yellow, or red “1” icon in the notification area of your Windows taskbar. The green icon in your taskbar means your security status is good.



You can also check for OneCare in your All Programs menu by clicking Start and pointing to All Programs. If you use Windows Vista, just start typing OneCare in the search box to find out if it’s installed on your computer.


Q: Is OneCare updated through Automatic Updates?

A: No, the OneCare service is updated through OneCare’s own servers for new features and enhancements.


However, OneCare does work with Microsoft Update and Automatic Updates to help ensure that your computer is always up to date with the latest security updates from Microsoft. When you first install OneCare, the setup dialogue box informs you that if you choose to proceed your computer settings will change so that they automatically download and install important updates from Microsoft Update.


Q: Does OneCare include spam protection?

A: No. Spam protection is often provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or your e-mail client.


Microsoft SmartScreen is an intelligent spam-filtering program that is integrated across all Microsoft e-mail platforms, including Windows Mail, which comes with Windows Vista and the following free e-mail providers.


Windows Live Hotmail


Windows Live Mail


OneCare includes antivirus and antispyware scanners, a managed two-way firewall, and integrated anti-phishing technology to protect your computer from viruses, worms, Trojan horses, hackers, phishing, and other threats that may come through e-mail.


Q: How much does OneCare cost?

A: The OneCare subscription service costs $49.95 (USD)* per year for up to three computers. Right now, you can try the service for free by signing up for a free trial.

* Your final price will be confirmed at the point of purchase based on your country’s location and currency, and might differ from the price that appears here.


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