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We’ve received several questions from blog readers who need help with their Hotmail accounts.


While we can’t answer each question individually, below we answer five commonly asked questions. And we show you a few different places where you can get more help.

1. Why does my Hotmail look different than it used to?


Hotmail is now Windows Live Hotmail. The screen might look a little different from what you’re used to seeing, but your e-mail address and password are the same and there are some great new features, like better protection from spam.


For more information, see

2. How can I stop someone from sending harassing e-mail messages to my Hotmail account?

If you’ve received abusive, harassing, or threatening e-mail messages from a Hotmail account, forward a complete copy of the abusive message (including the full message header) to


You can also block the sender so he or she won’t be able to send e-mail to you anymore.


Block e-mail from a specific sender:

          1.          Click the message from the sender you want to block.

          2.          Click Mark as unsafe. The e-mail message is deleted, and any additional e-mail messages from the same e-mail address are blocked.


If you think someone is trying to illegally access your personal information, such as your bank account number, credit card information, or your password, click Report phishing scam. For more information, see Recognize phishing scams and fraudulent e-mails.

3. What do I do if real messages are going into my junk folder?


You should check your junk mail folder periodically to check for real messages. Legitimate mail might be accidentally filtered into the junk folder because it might look like spam to Hotmail.


When you find a message that’s not junk, click the Not Junk button while you are inside the e-mail message. This adds the sender to the safe senders list so that future e-mail messages from this sender will go directly to your e-mail inbox.


To help prevent a sender’s e-mail messages from going into your junk folder, open an e-mail message from that sender and then click Mark as safe.

4. How can I get into my account if I’ve forgotten my password?

To use your Windows Live Hotmail account if you don’t have your password, you must reset the password.


Reset your password:


1.        On the Windows Live Hotmail Web site sign-in page, click Forgot your password?

2.        Type your e-mail address and the characters from the picture, and then click Continue.

3.        Select one of the following methods: 


·          Request password reset instructions in an e-mail message to an alternate e-mail account of yours.

1)       Click Send yourself a password reset e-mail message.

2)       Click Send Message.

3)       Click Done.

4)       Open your alternate e-mail account, and then follow the instructions in the e‑mail message from Windows Live ID.


·          Answer your secret question to verify your identity.

1)       Click Provide account information and answer your secret question.

2)       Select your country or region, provide the answer to your secret question, and then click Continue.

3)       Enter and confirm your new password, and then click Continue.

4)       If you want to set up an alternate e-mail address, enter the e-mail address twice, and then click Continue. If you don’t want to set up an alternate e-mail address, click Skip.

5)       Click Done.


5. How can I cancel my Hotmail account?


Visit the Windows Live Hotmail close account Web page. Follow the on-screen instructions, and then click Close account to close your account.


More questions? Get online support

Support for Hotmail is available 24 hours a day at If you have a logon name and password, you can sign in to your account. Click the blue question mark to get help on any of the Windows Live Hotmail pages. Or visit the Windows Live Hotmail help page.



If you can’t find the answer to your problem through Help, you can send e-mail to


Microsoft makes every effort to answer e-mail support requests within 24 business hours.



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