Go back to school with a safer family computer

It’s that time of year again—back to school. And that probably means more computer time for kids who’ve been outside this summer.


If you’re a parent and you don’t have family safety settings on your computer, now is a perfect time to choose the software that’s right for your family.


Parental control software includes Internet filters that you can use to choose the content you want your children to see and help block the content you don’t. Some parental control software also includes monitoring tools, tools to set time limits for computer use, and even settings to help protect your computer from accidental system changes.


Microsoft offers several different kinds of parental control software. See the chart and links below to learn more.


·          Windows Vista Parental Controls

·          Windows Live OneCare Family Safety Settings

·          Windows SteadyState

·          Xbox Family Settings





= Yes




Windows Vista Parental Controls

Windows Live OneCare Family Safety settings

Windows SteadyState

Xbox 360 Family Settings

Operating system





Included with Windows Vista




Free download for Windows XP Service Pack 2



Included with Xbox









Use this tool to:





Apply Internet filters



Personalize settings for individuals users

Set time limits for computer use




Report on Internet activity



Set limits on gaming



Protect against accidental system changes




Block downloads



Allow kids to request access via e-mail




Restrict access to certain software programs


Set limits on who your children communicate with online 







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