Want information about our security bulletins sooner?

On the second Tuesday of the month, Microsoft releases security updates and information bulletins. The information bulletins describe the updates and indicate which operating systems or programs these updates apply to.


You can also sign up to receive advance notification e-mail messages about the security updates. These e-mail messages are sent to you every Thursday before the Tuesday security update release. This service is called the Advanced Notification Service (ANS).


Subscribe to the ANS.


Also in recent months, the Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC) surveyed customers about our security bulletins and how we can improve them.


Customers were satisfied with the level of technical detail in the bulletins but said they needed to be able to more quickly determine the severity of the bulletins and how the bulletins affected them.


With that in mind, the MSRC has made several changes to the information bulletin format.


See an example of the new layout.



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