How to report fraudulent e-mail messages that use the Microsoft name and logo

If you’ve been keeping up with Security Tips & Talk, you know that phishing scams are fraudulent e-mail messages or Web sites that try to fool you into filling out forms. Phishers use the information you enter to steal your identity. 


If you think you have received a phishing e-mail message that appears to come from Microsoft, please do the following:


1.       Forward the e-mail to Microsoft, using the e-mail address 

2.       Forward the e-mail to the Anti-Phishing Working Group, using the e-mail address 


If you use the Microsoft products below, you can also do the following:


To report a phishing Web site using Internet Explorer 7, on the Tools menu, point to Phishing Filter, and then click Report This Website.


To report a phishing Web site from the Windows Live Toolbar, click the OneCare Advisor button on the toolbar. In the dialog box that appears, click Report this website as phish.


To report a phishing e-mail message using Hotmail or Windows Live Mail, click Junk.


 Do not respond to the e-mail message or click any links in the message. For more tips, see How to handle suspicious e-mail.


To help avoid phishing scams, use Microsoft Phishing Filter, and read Recognize phishing scams and fraudulent e-mails.





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  1. Anonymous

    Hi There,
    I wish to report dreadful email messages that I have been getting in my junk mail, and also Facebook. The emails I have been receiving for an example a lady by the name of Cheryl appeared on my Facebook she was masturbating herself and not wearing a bra. I would appreciate that you could take this query of mine seriously and look into this matter, also in my junk mail I have been receiving emails about penis enlargments.
    I am sorry to tell you about this matter but I find this sort of behaviour embarrasing.
    Theodora Poole.

  2. Anonymous

    I received scam emails from Lloyds TSB in my junk box and when I opened one they infected my computer with 38 infections!

  3. Anonymous

    I am a victim of this hanus phishing scam crime. This morning, I received an email from many of my friends because someone hacked into my email account.

    2 days ago, I filled out a form that SAID was from Microsoft. The Subject was "will suspend your account if you don't fill out this info" or something like that. I should've known but stupid me filled it out. Now, all my friends received this email, my password has been changed by the hacker and I cannot get into my account. I don't know what to do now. Please help!!

  4. Anonymous

    Here is an email that someone who hacked my account has been sending. Please help, Thanks, Laurie

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    become wealthy

  5. Anonymous

    I just got a virus containing email on 4/1 to an email address I only use for Microsoft….. Were Microsoft email adresses hacked from Epsilon? If so, will we be notified??????

  6. Anonymous

    My son called this morning receiving e-mail from my account requesting 1500 to be sent to me in London.  I have not been on my computer lately so was very dismayed.  I am not sure what my next step is?  Do I need to shut down my account, and how do I do that?  I have not been able to locate a phone number to report this.  I am about to open a website, should I hold off on that?  Please let me know.

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