Download the new version of Windows Defender

So you say that your New Year’s resolution is to get rid of spyware and annoying pop-up windows? That’s an easy one. Download Windows Defender, the antispyware software from Microsoft.


You did that already, but now you’re getting a confusing “Windows Defender has expired” message?


You aren’t the only one. We’ve heard from several people that the error messages were confusing.


Here’s the story. Windows Defender Beta 2 expired on December31, 2006. To stay protected, you need to download the final release of Windows Defender. It’s the same spyware protection, with some noted improvements. The interface is easier to use and causes less interruptions to your work. Also, if you have a problem with Windows Defender, you can call our support line twice for free.


The product will never expire and it is still free.


For more information, see the Windows Defender home page.


To download the full version now, go directly to the Microsoft Download Center.


Make sure that you have the correct version

If you’re not sure if you’ve downloaded the full version of Windows Defender, do the following:


1.       Click the Start menu.

2.       Point to All Programs.

3.       Click Windows Defender.

4.       Click the arrow next to the question mark.

5.       Click About Windows Defender.


The window should say Windows Defender Version: 1.1.1592.0.


Still having trouble?

If you’ve uninstalled Windows Defender Beta 2 and you’re still having trouble installing Windows Defender, try downloading and running the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility, which you can find here: Microsoft Help and Support.


Special note to Windows 2000 users

The full version of Windows Defender does not work on Windows 2000, and because Windows Defender Beta 2 expired, you can’t use the beta version, either. Windows Defender is primarily for consumers, not for businesses.


Because Windows 2000 was a less-popular consumer operating system, we decided to focus more on Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003. These operating systems with the latest service packs have significantly better security protection overall, which will also help to prevent spyware. We strongly encourage you to upgrade your operating system now.


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Eve Blakemore

Group Manager, Trustworthy Computing

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  1. SwathingScientist

    I have yet to have a problem with the Windows Defender since install after the AntiSpy program was replaced.Works every day without fail,MS sends updates for it regular as well

  2. RandyChev

    I have never heard of a developer dropping support for an operating system during beta testing. Your decision to do so is nothing short of bait and switch mentality. Get us hooked on this spyware solution then ask us to upgrade to a new OS just to keep using it? I don’t think so!

    You should be ashamed of kicking W2K users in the a$$ as you have.

  3. RandyChev

    Why won’t you post my reply? Do you not accept dissenting opinion on this board?

    I believe my comment was something to the effect that dropping an operating system from the list of platforms supported during a beta test is ridiculous. It is obvious that you have made more than beta changes if you had to drop W2K.

    Thanks for dragging us through this beta then dropping us with the final release. So MS of you.

  4. Nick.Shmakov

    I’d like to ask you whether you can explain the situation when I constantly get warnings for the past few weeks to "check for the updates" from Windows Defender. I use the PC with Vista Business installed. The system normally gets the updates from WSUS 2.0. I can not re-installed the application due to the error message says "the defender is in-built  application for Vista" or something like that. Do you know the way around it?



  5. Marcelle Amelia

    Windows Defender is a part of Windows Vista. You don’t need to install it. If you have installed it, I would recommend that you uninstall it.

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