Diebold's Responsive Banking Concept (Photo credit: PRNewsFoto/Diebold, Incorporated)

Microsoft helps usher in the future of retail banking with virtual tellers

At the ongoing BAI Retail Delivery 2014 conference in Chicago, industry leaders are discussing emerging technologies shaping the future of retail banking. Microsoft is working … Read more »

Fibit Windows 8.1

Fitbit for Windows 8.1 updated for a better tablet experience

The Fitbit app for Windows 8.1 has been updated to be a universal Windows app and now shares the same code as Fitbit’s awesome Windows Phone app – but … Read more »

HP Sprout, Windows 8.1, PC, 3D, all-in-one

Sprout by HP includes scanner, 3D camera and built-in HP DLP projector

On Wednesday, HP unveiled a powerful and innovative all-in-one PC that includes a capture-and-projection system – the Sprout Illuminator – that combines multiple devices such … Read more »

Winning combination: WinJS and Apache Cordova

Combining WinJS and Apache Cordova gives developers a set of UI controls with high polish and performance, in addition to a cohesive set of components … Read more »