New JacksGap video shows how Skype empowers students in Tanzania

New JacksGap video shows how Skype empowers students in Tanzania

In Tanzania, teacher Ashley Washburn uses Skype to connect her rural classroom to one in America, helping students learn from each other and empowering them … Read more »


Skype Translator introduces 6 voice and 50 messaging languages

The Skype for Windows desktop app is rolling out six new voice languages: English, French, German, Italian, Mandarin and Spanish. There will also be 50 … Read more »

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Office 2016 introduces new era of collaboration in health care

With the launch of Office 2016, Microsoft takes another step forward in providing the tools health professionals need to work more efficiently in the changing healthcare … Read more »

Office 2016, government, citizens, services

How Office 2016 can help government improve services for citizens

All over the world, governments are working to improve services for their citizens, and newly released Office 2016 provides the tools that make it easier … Read more »

Quickly share photos, location and more with new Skype for Android 6.2

This week Microsoft released Skype 6.2 for Android, which adds a media bar to your conversations so you can express yourself more easily. Open any … Read more »