Royal Academy of Engineering honors Microsoft researcher with Silver Medal

Don Syme, a principal researcher in Microsoft’s Cambridge, U.K. lab, has helped to develop and influence features of popular computer languages used by millions of programmers, C# in … Read more »

Johannes Kopf

Microsoft researcher’s work on Hyperlapse earns prestigious award

Johannes Kopf, a Microsoft researcher who specializes in computer graphics and was key to the development of Microsoft Hyperlapse, has been awarded the 2015 ACM … Read more »


Microsoft researchers to be honored for image captioning technology

At CVPR, an annual conference on the most cutting-edge advances in computer vision research, Microsoft researchers will be among those presenting the latest work in … Read more »

Microsoft Research, Microsoft Innovation & Policy Center

TechFair Open House showcases latest work by Microsoft Research

On Wednesday, the Washington, D.C., community can experience the cutting-edge work being done by Microsoft Research as the Microsoft Innovation & Policy Center hosts a … Read more »


New Microsoft Research technology can interpret and caption photos

Microsoft researchers are at the forefront of developing technology that can identify objects in a picture, interpret what’s going on and write an accurate caption … Read more »