Dr. Kuansan Wang is the Managing Director for Microsoft Research Outreach, responsible for overseeing research and innovation in the area of academic services. Photo credit: Scott Eklund, Red Box Pictures

Intelligent bots are the next phase of Microsoft Academic

Microsoft Academic serves the academic community as an online destination that helps researchers connect with the papers, conferences, people, and ideas that are most relevant, … Read more »

Winners announced for Microsoft Quantum Challenge

Earlier this year, the Quantum Architectures and Computation Group at Microsoft Research (QuArC) launched a software simulator for Language-Integrated Quantum Operations, LIQUi|>, which enables hands-on quantum computing. And … Read more »

Jeannette Wing, corporate vice president, Microsoft Research

Microsoft’s Jeannette M. Wing appears before Senate committee to talk about central role of basic research in American innovation

Jeannette M. Wing, Microsoft’s corporate vice president in charge of the company’s basic research laboratories, appeared Wednesday before the Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee. In … Read more »

Photo: Linda Nylind for Microsoft.

Microsoft researcher elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society

Simon Peyton Jones, a principal researcher with Microsoft Research’s Cambridge lab, has been elected to the Fellowship of the Royal Society, a prestigious honor that … Read more »