Gigantic game screen

New, fluffy hero Pakko enters the battlefield in ‘Gigantic’

The third-person shooter game “Gigantic” gets a new Exile in the North hero with Pakko, a fluffy, jovial giant who’s ready for battle. Pakko can … Read more »

Rise & Shine screenshot

Get it now: ‘Rise & Shine’ for Xbox One

A boy named Rise must save the world of video game characters with the help of his magical talking gun, Shine. That’s the premise of … Read more »

Screenshot from the game "Pit People"

‘Pit People’ is now available for play in Xbox One Game Preview

Fast-paced, turn-based co-op adventure “Pit People” is now available via Xbox One Game Preview. Some players have been with the game since “the beginning when … Read more »

Developers: Make money with your Windows apps and AdDuplex

Through an invite-only mode, app and game developers can now apply for and participate in a revenue-sharing program in which they get 70 percent of … Read more »