Muscular black man with arms crossed next to title, "Netflix Marvel Luke Cage"

Now on Netflix in the Windows Store: ‘Marvel’s Luke Cage’

Super strength? Check. Bulletproof skin? Check. The will to take on local crime and crooked authority figures? Check. In the new Netflix action series “Marvel’s … Read more »

Multi-colored blocks zapped into fruit

Latest update to ‘Candy Crush Saga’ arrives with level 2000

In the latest update to “Candy Crush Saga,” the carefree Candy Universe is in a panic over the pending arrival of level 2000. How will … Read more »

Screenshot of VUDU page showing X-Men Apocalypse in armor and flames behind him as main tile

That VUDU that you do will lead to lots of movie and TV streaming

Discover, watch and collect the latest movies and TV shows with VUDU, including “X-Men: Apocalypse,” “Star Trek,” “Creed,” “Spectre,” “The Peanuts Movie,” “Supergirl,” “The Shannara … Read more »