FH_Endless Numbers

Endless Numbers’ interactive games build early math skills

What Endless Alphabet did for learning ABCs, Endless Numbers does for learning 123s. It provides a series of fun, interactive games that build knowledge and … Read more »

FH_Comparisons with Kaju

Now you can find Kinect apps in the Windows Store

The Kinect for Windows Blog takes a look at three of the first developers who released Kinect apps to the Windows Store: Nayi Disha, YAKiT … Read more »

Microsoft development courses now available on edX site

An array of Microsoft development courses are now available on edX.org, thanks to a new initiative that supports the shared goal of bringing high-quality education … Read more »

A day in the life of an Office 365 classroom

There are no lost homework excuses in Ms. Ingram’s class, where fifth graders are making huge strides in learning with the help of Office 365. … Read more »


Schools using Surface to make bilingual education easier

More than 50 percent of the students in the Cicero School District just outside of Chicago speak Spanish as their first language, and they’re learning … Read more »

Kinect sensor helps students ‘work the angles’

Acquiring an abstract understanding of angles and their measurement “is critical to our ability to solve geometric and trigonomic problems,” but is challenging for many … Read more »