Head to Bing and Microsoft Edge to save money on gifts

Head to Bing and Microsoft Edge to save money on gifts

As you’re shopping for gifts for the holidays, use Bing to find favorite items, get recommendations from your image stream and compare prices using Bing Images. … Read more »

Bing Halloween map

Get in the Halloween spirit with Cortana and Bing

With Halloween just around the corner, Bing and Cortana can help with any last-minute preparations – from finding costumes for your kids (or pets!) to … Read more »

Bing color picker

Developers: Bing releases tools to speed up tasks

In October, Bing is releasing commonly used developer tools to reduce the time and effort it takes to complete certain tasks. Among them is the … Read more »

Bing Fall TV

Find out which TV shows Bing Predicts will be big hits this fall

Bing Predicts that the biggest TV hits this fall will include: “The Walking Dead,” “The Big Bang Theory,” “Empire,” “NCIS,” “Dancing with the Stars,” “Grey’s … Read more »

Bing Ads joins forces with Savoo to support worthy causes

The money-saving website Savoo is relaunching to become a free-to-use online fundraising platform and will be powered exclusively through Bing Ads through a search engine … Read more »