The Weather Channel for Windows 10

The Weather Channel arrives for Windows 10 – App of the Week

We can control a lot of things in our life, but Mother Nature isn’t one of them. Every day, weather affects us, no matter where … Read more »

Lumia Imaging SDK 3.0

Windows 10 UWP developers: Lumia Imaging SDK updated to version 3.0

A popular toolset, Lumia Imaging SDK, has been updated to version 3.0. With this update, there is now support for GPU-based image processing through Direct2D. … Read more »


FUSED combines videos and pictures for one-of-a-kind blends

The FUSED app blends videos and pictures into one-of-a-kind visual works of art. It has 20 real-time blending modes, simple draw-and-erase tools, curated collections and … Read more »

New and updated tools help developers deliver apps for Windows 10

More people are upgrading to Windows 10 and visiting the Windows Store, and new and updated tools are helping developers deliver Windows 10 apps in … Read more »