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Auction Insights rolled out to all Bing Ads markets

Auction Insights, which shows how advertisers are performing in comparison with other advertisers participating in the same auctions, has been rolled out to all Bing Ads … Read more »

Advertisers: Look out for upgraded quality score in Bing Ads

An upgraded quality score is expected to reach advertisers in all Bing Ads markets within the next few days. In this update, they’ll see a quality score … Read more »

Reporting revamp coming to Bing Ads

Reporting in Bing Ads is getting a revamp to help search marketers and Bing Ads users get to their performance data easier, since analyzing it … Read more »

Experts weigh in on the future of search advertising

The Bing Ads Blog asked search tool providers, agencies and other experts what they think is coming for search advertising in 2015, and posted a … Read more »

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Advertisers can now buy ads on cross-platform MSN apps

Beginning Wednesday, advertisers can buy ads on MSN apps – News, Weather, Sports, Money, Health & Fitness and Food & Drink – across 24 markets, … Read more »