Transforming and empowering Latin America with technology

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella visited Latin America last week to learn and see first-hand how technology is transforming thousands of lives in the region, with … Read more »

US advertisers can now preview the new Segmentation feature in Bing Ads

In the U.S., advertisers can now find deeper performance insights into their campaigns’ data tables through Segmentation. This new feature gives them the ability to dig deep into … Read more »

The Weather Channel for Windows 10

The Weather Channel arrives for Windows 10 – App of the Week

We can control a lot of things in our life, but Mother Nature isn’t one of them. Every day, weather affects us, no matter where … Read more »

Surface Book

New era of Microsoft devices designed for Windows 10 unveiled in NYC

In New York Tuesday morning, Microsoft unveiled a new era of Windows 10 devices, including new Surface, Lumia and Band devices. “Our approach to hardware … Read more »