Bing tuner metronome

Bing’s interns create two new tools for musicians

Two Microsoft interns have created two tools for musicians everywhere: a guitar tuner and metronome. Thanks to their efforts, Bing now provides a tuner on your phone, tablet … Read more »

Cortana, Windows Phone 8.1

10 things you may not know you can do on Windows Phone 8.1

There are lots of useful features in Windows Phone 8.1, most of which are easy to discover. But some are not immediately obvious, writes Adam … Read more »


Someone call the healthcare industry an Uber

Smell that? There’s disruption in the air. In a few short years, companies like Uber, Airbnb, Amazon and Netflix have changed the way we catch … Read more »

Company helps bring cloud technology to Saudi Arabia

Company helps bring cloud technology to Saudi Arabia

A company partnering with Microsoft is working to fill a big gap in the technology market of Saudi Arabia by building a cloud data center … Read more »