Business analysts: Find out how Excel 2016 works with Power BI

Excel, the world’s most widely used data analysis tool, provides flexibility with tools that support both quick ad hoc calculations and exploration across large data sets. Microsoft recently expanded its BI offerings by releasing the latest version of Power BI, a cloud-based business analytics service that has gained over 500,000 unique users, from 45,000 companies and across 185 countries during the public preview.

The Office Blogs delivers an overview of how Excel and Power BI work together to solve analytics needs. Together, they encompass a portfolio of tools that provide a broad set of capabilities that allow business analysts to more easily gather, shape, analyze and visually explore their data. The new Power BI service is a business analytics collaboration and delivery environment that brings together data from a wide range of sources — such as Excel workbooks, on-premises corporate data, Azure services and other popular cloud-based offerings like or Marketo — which can then be viewed with live dashboards and interactive reports.

Head over to the Office Blogs for more information on how Excel 2016 and Power BI work together.

Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff