Azure Active Directory and Windows 10: Bringing the cloud to enterprise desktops

It’s a duet that will be music to the ears of enterprise organizations. 

The combination of Windows 10 and Azure Active Directory “will greatly simplify the deployment and management of Windows and provide seamless access to organizational apps and resources in the cloud and on-premises,” writes the Active Directory team. They just kicked off a series of engineering blogs that will highlight some of the major capabilities powered by Azure AD.

Ariel Gordon, principal program manager in Microsoft’s Identity and Security Services Division, started things off Wednesday with a look at Azure AD Join, a new Windows 10 feature for configuring and deploying corporate-owned Windows devices.

“Azure AD Join brings significant flexibility and cost savings to the deployment process,” Gordon writes.

Head to the Active Directory blog to learn how to set up your Azure AD joined Windows 10 machine.

Jake Siegel
Microsoft News Center Staff