Skype 1.8 for Xbox One lets you view photos from your phone, and answer a call in Snap mode

With the new Skype for Xbox One update, you can view photos from mobile devices, and answer a call in Snap mode.

“This means, if you’re watching TV or playing a game and you get a Skype call, when you say ‘Xbox answer,’ the call will automatically Snap, and won’t interrupt your TV or gaming experience,” writes Karen Tong in a Skype blog post. “Or, if you prefer, you can also change your Skype settings to answer a call in full screen.”

Skype 1.8 for Xbox One also lets you view photos sent from mobile phones on Skype for Xbox One. Skype users from Windows Phone and iOS mobile devices can now share pictures with Skype for Xbox One users either in a one-to-one setting or group chat. If there are several photos being shared, you can start a slideshow to view all the photos right on your large screen.

Learn more about Skype 1.8 for Xbox One by heading over to the Skype Garage & Updates blog.

Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff