‘Destiny’ beta coming to Xbox One, Xbox 360 in late July

Bungie’s next-generation, first-person shooter “Destiny,” will be available in beta in late July for fans who pre-order the game.

In “Destiny,” you explore the abandoned ruins of an ancient human civilization long after it’s been overtaken by enemies. Yet there is still hope: the last safe city on Earth, where you have your home, the Tower.

The crew at Xbox Wire spent some time with the game at E3 2014 recently, and says the massive open world that players can explore – alone, with friends or with match-made players – is “chock full of dynamic events, intense firefights, and more sweet loot than you’ll know what to do with. Along the way, you’ll create and customize the hero of your choice using the game’s robust character editor, explore the outer reaches of the universe, and, just maybe, take care of those pesky Wizards on the moon.”

“Destiny” is due out Sept. 9. To learn more, head over to Xbox Wire.

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Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff