Beauty of Programming contest draws 18,000 participants from throughout China

Contest finalists at Microsoft Research Asia’s sky garden.

Every spring for the past three years, aspiring young programmers in China have had the chance to explore coding though Microsoft’s and IEEE’s annual Beauty of Programming (BOP) contest. The 2014 event drew more than 18,000 talented contestants from 150 universities and generated many innovative programs.

This spring, Microsoft Research Asia visited 21 schools in 12 cities throughout China, encouraging young computer programmers to enter the contest and demonstrate their skills. For the first time, students from Hong Kong and Taiwan participated.

In early rounds, Code Hunt – an online game that challenges contestants to demonstrate their coding skills while solving intriguing puzzles – was used to judge contestants. As a result of those competitions, 56 students representing 25 universities made it to the final round, where they engaged in a challenge designed by Microsoft researchers in collaboration with City Next, the Bing Maps team and the Microsoft Azure team.

Head over to the Microsoft Research Connections Blog to find out more about the challenge and the winners.

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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff