PolyBase is integral to giving users simple way to access data

PolyBase has evolved into a key integrative component that gives users a simple way to query data stored in heterogeneous data stores – such as those on-premises and in the cloud (Microsoft Azure) – bringing together Microsoft data services to form one complete data platform solution. Even better, there’s no need to maintain separate import/export utilities. 

The SQL Server Blog goes into detail on PolyBase’s approach in a post showing why PolyBase ensures great performance – by taking advantage of the computation power available in external data sources. It also gives users total freedom (with no lockdown) and faster insights from all their data, allowing them to leverage their existing tools and SQL scripts.

Head over to the SQL Server Blog to find out more about PolyBase, including its competitive advantage of openness and simpler extraction, transformation and loading.

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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff