Enterprises and IT professionals: Become more efficient using Windows Phone 8.1

Building Apps for Windows has a Q-and-A with Peter Nowak and Lars Keller, Microsoft MVPs and enterprise mobility experts at Germany-based H&D International Group, who recently ported their apps to Windows Phone 8.1. They’ve been experimenting with the 8.1 SDK since November, and they have used it to deliver deeply integrated, rich solutions that boost the operational efficiency of their customers’ IT. 

Their user-friendly mobile apps, Mobile Incident Manager and Enterprise Mobile Dashboard, extend the reliability, security, and manageability of the Microsoft infrastructure for large enterprise customers.

“We are most impressed by the convergence of the Windows and Windows Phone platforms,” Nowak and Keller say, on the blog. “Being able to access consistent roaming settings means we can build our end-users’ core settings into their credentials so their experience is consistent and they can access their information no matter which device they are using. That means the mobile IT technicians we serve can be more productive.”

Head over to Building Apps for Windows to see the rest of their interview and their advice to developers for doing more with Windows Phone 8.1.

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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff