Hungry to know more? Here’s how to shop smart for groceries using OneNote

Nicholas Kerr and his wife used to keep their shopping lists on sticky notes in the kitchen, and “usually neither of us was near the list when either of us thought of something to add.” That problem and more got solved by creating a To Do list in OneNote.

“We always have our phones handy and can update a shared list wherever we are,” he writes on the Office Blogs. And because OneNote is free everywhere, and available across devices, “practically anyone” can take advantage it the same way Kerr and his wife do.

Another bonus: When Kerr finds a recipe on a website, “I can easily copy and paste all the ingredients and their quantities to our grocery list, so we no longer handwrite or print recipes to take to the store. Recently, my wife and I were shopping in a huge warehouse store, so we split up to save time. Because we both had the list in OneNote, we knew what the other person already had checked off the list.”

Head over to the Office Blogs to learn how to recreate this OneNote solution for yourself and share it with anyone.

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Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff