Yes, many of you Skype with your cat, even though your cat doesn’t care

We can only imagine what this cat is thinking: “Did you want something from me? I’m quite busy. Please Skype me later.”

A recent poll found that one out of three cat owners use Skype to check on their kitties, something that doesn’t surprise Skype Pet Ambassador Paris Permenter, who is also a pet writer.

“I think Skype is an easy way to check in with cats because they’re so predictable,” she tells Skype’s Shana Pearlman in an interview. “You know where they’re going to be – if they’ve got a favorite napping spot or a sunny window sill, you can point the camera there and check in on them throughout the day – it’s easy to catch them there. You don’t have to call them to the camera, you just know where they’re going to be.”

Another good reason to use Skype on Kitty? “A lot of people don’t realize this, but cats are a great security system,” Permenter says. “Cats are so skittish – they’re only going to be behaving normally if everything is OK in your house. If something is awry, they won’t be there. You know that all is well if your cats are lying around napping or grooming.”

Read more about using Skype to check on your kitties by heading over to the Skype Play Blog.

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Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff