‘Lords of the Fallen’: Game’s controls are ‘very responsive, but the enemies are unforgiving’

In “Lords of the Fallen,” from CI Games, players will face tough enemies, even tougher bosses, and plenty of branching pathways, writes Xbox Wire, which sent a writer with more than 400 hours of combined “Dark Souls” and “Dark Souls 2” experience to do a hands-on demo of “Lords” at E3 2014.

While comparisons to the “Dark Souls” series are likely, the writer says “Lords of the Fallen” is even more challenging. The controls are very responsive, but the enemies are unforgiving. The level played was “claustrophobic and tight, with timing and range of attacks being at an absolute premium.”

“Lords of the Fallen” is coming to Xbox One later this year. To learn more, head over to Xbox Wire.

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Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff