#ICreatedThis: Video game artist recreates classic artwork on the Surface Pro

Having created more than 40 titles in the last 20 years, Paul Vera-Broadbent is a prominent digital artist in the video gaming industry. Outside of this, he’s a closet Fresh Painter. Inspired by classic artists such as Van Gogh, Turner and Cezanne, Paul makes his mark in the digital space with his Surface Pro. Featured in Huffington Post and Switched Mag, Paul is famous for recreating classic-inspired works in Fresh Paint. “I want to show people that digital artwork can be a valid medium for art, and it is not just pressing buttons,” says Paul.

Paul 2

Paul is featured on the Microsoft social channels in #ICreatedThis, an ongoing series that showcases people doing interesting things at Microsoft and with Microsoft technology. Know someone else doing something amazing? Tweet us @Microsoft using the #ICreatedThis hashtag or email the story to cmgsocial@microsoft.com.

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Rob Wolf
Microsoft News Center Staff