Meet the doctor who created the fun, free Clipr photo app for Windows Phone

Venu Kumar is a medical doctor who created his first app – a medical study and quiz guide – to help him prepare for the entrance exam to get into a neurosurgery program. But he also came up with a fun and popular free photo-clipping app, Clipr, that lets you “clip” one part of a photo and add it to another photo by tracing an image with a finger and moving it.

Using Clipr you can also add colorful filters to the image and background.

Kumar, who lives in in Hyderabad, India, next plans to focus on an interactive app that educates people about diabetes, which he says is a “big problem” in India. “The app will record your food and fluid intake, your calories, and your physical activity. I’ll start this project after I get into the neurosurgery program next March,” he says in a Q-and-A on the Conversations blog.

Dr. Venu Kumar

The doctor, by the way, had no previous coding experience, and as such, “I didn’t know where to start and so I was very worried. After a brief search, I found online video courses for absolute beginners by Bob Tabor on Channel 9. With his lessons, I learned the basics of the C# programming language.”

To read the entire Q-and-A, head over to the Conversations blog.

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Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff