Holy new Batmobile! This baby switches from driving to combat in ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’

A new villain, the Arkham Knight, is waging war on Gotham, and only the Caped Crusader can put a stop to it in “Batman: Arkham Knight.” Fortunately, Batman’s Batmobile is all new, designed specifically for this game, and you’ll be using it a lot.

The new Batmobile will help you not only in traversing the new massive map – “five times bigger than that of ‘Arkham City’ and 20 times bigger than the original ‘Arkham Asylum’ – but also in certain combat scenarios,” writes Xbox Wire. “The Batmobile can switch from driving to combat on the fly, and Batman can even launch out of it to bust through windows, sail over chasms, or lock onto enemies for a glide kick.”

Glide on over to Xbox Wire to learn more about the game, due to launch in 2015.

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Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff