Designers and developers: Find out how an app can adapt to a user’s location

Sometimes an app’s user’s preferred language and settings don’t reflect where they are located, writes Gilles Peigné, program manager for Developer Ecosystem & Platform on the Windows Apps Team. They travel or regularly conduct international business, and while they want the apps to appear in their preferred language, they want the content to be relevant to their immediate surroundings.

A previous Building Apps for Windows blog post explored how an app could adapt to different locales, even when those places share a common language. Peigné’s post dives into how an app can adapt to a user’s location independently from language settings and UI considerations.

By answering the question, “Where can my users be?” app creators can tailor a Windows Store App experience.

Read the rest of Peigné’s post on Building Apps for Windows to get all the details on adapting an app to a user’s location.

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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff