Yammer helps Esquel weave connections around the world and grow its company culture

The Hong Kong-based Esquel Group – which has a core business of making cotton tops for companies such as Ralph Lauren, Nike and Lacoste – has embraced Yammer to connect far-flung operations and lines of business. It’s also helped build the company’s culture.

The company began using Yammer in 2011 and “The network quickly grew from a sharing platform for a few dozen people in the IT department to a few hundred people across the enterprise,” Chief Financial Officer Wilkie Wong says. “As people posted questions, answers and ideas, Yammer became an important internal communication tool. We use it for everything from morale boosting to problem-solving.”

To read more how Esquel uses Yammer, check out The Yammer Blog.

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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff