How to make your Father’s Day memorable with a Skype video call

The thousands of miles that separate dad Nicholas Kerr in Seattle from family in New Zealand will evaporate this Father’s Day, as Kerr turns to Skype to exchange greetings and show how quickly his children Penelope and Harrison are growing.

Kerr and his wife also have family in Texas, and Skype is a godsend for them – especially with some of the ways Kerr has learned to get the most from those special Skype sessions. For one thing, getting a child in a fixed spot is important, and mainly that happens during dinner time.

“So when [Penelope] was in a high chair, we’d put the laptop on the table in front of her and she could engage with her grandparents while she had dinner. Sometimes time zones would allow us to Skype at lunch too,” he writes on his blog, The Kerrant – “Rational Reflections from Seattle.”

To learn more about how to make your Father’s Day special using Skype, head over to the Skype Play Blog.

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Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff