#ICreatedThis: Musician uses Skype to create new album and teach guitar

Two years ago, Samir Maamari began a project to open a modern rock school, combining classical music theory with modern rock music to suit today’s guitarist. After showing a friend a few guitar chords during a Skype video call, Samir came to the conclusion that the school should happen over Skype to reach as many people as possible around the world without any geographic limitations.

Now, from his home in France, Samir teaches students in Dubai, Lebanon and Indonesia, with Skype running on a Surface Pro 2.

He’s also using Skype to explore the concept for his next album. Samir invites musicians to share contributions through Skype video messages and instant messaging.

“Thanks to Skype, I have a constant flow of inspiration coming from the community, helping me get a clearer picture of the album and a broader understanding of what connection means to people around the world.”

Samir is featured on the Microsoft social channels in #ICreatedThis, an ongoing series that showcases people doing interesting things at Microsoft and with Microsoft technology.  He is also part of Skype’s Moment Makers program. Know someone else doing something amazing? Tweet us @Microsoft using the #ICreatedThis hashtag or email the story to cmgsocial@microsoft.com.

Rob Wolf
Microsoft News Center Staff